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The Truth Through Final Diagnosis: The Autopsy

The Autopsy Doctor, powered by Final Diagnosis, Inc., provides independent autopsy and forensic pathology consultative servicewith a freestanding autopsy facility in Tampa, Florida. As of 2022, we have performed over 50 COVID-19 autopsies and 2 possible vaccine injury cases.  Our mission through the autopsy and expert review is to provide answers, to give families peace of mind and provide a resource for Families, Funeral Directors, Cremation Services, Hospitals, Medical Examiners/Coroners and Attorneys.  This freestanding novel facility called Final Diagnosis, Inc. is also intended to be a place for other qualified and interested forensic pathologists to offer similar professional services, under optimal laboratory conditions. It is safe to say this is one of the very few (if not only) privately built and run autopsy facility in the United States. 

The key to a complete autopsy is to ask the right questions and to provide data substantiating the correct cause of death. Many times the autopsy will identify a variety of potential causes: The key is to pick the right one!  This is where the personal attention of forensic pathologist Dr. Daniel Schultz (and his FP colleagues) comes in – he seeks only to provide The Truth Through Final Diagnosis

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