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Dr. Schultz is a proven expert in deposition and trial testimony for both civil and criminal cases, having extensive experience in each including hundreds of hours in court. He can help determine if cause and manner of death circumstances suggest possible medical malpractice or not. He can do a complete autopsy or review the autopsy results if an autopsy has already been done by the hospital, Coroner or Medical Examiner.  Dr. Schultz always feels good about setting the story straight.  Speculation is bad for all parties.  He may not give the answer people think they want to hear, but truth really does set us free from wastes of time, money and stress, both for plaintiff and defense attorneys and these families who already hurt.   Whether  via a legal consultation or autopsy requisition, we want to make a difference. 



What one of our clients had to say:

Ben A. Vinson, Jr.

Ben A. Vinson, Jr., Personal Injury Attorney at Vinson Law, Tampa, FL

“Our law firm’s mission is to represent those who have had their health, emotional well-being or lives taken from them by a personal injury. Dr. Schultz came highly recommended to our law firm by the Trial Lawyers Association and we’ve used his services for several cases. He has performed abstractions, including lung recovery for mesothelioma cases, as well as complete autopsy reports that enable us to represent our clients diligently and aggressively to make sure they obtain justice under the law. Being thorough and cost effective is important to us. We appreciate that Dr. Schultz handles the autopsy himself giving us the benefit of a medical doctor’s professional report versus just a technician, but not the astronomical expense we’ve seen with other pathologists. We also appreciate that he has been readily available to us for a quick turnaround.”