Private Autopsy Florida:


Funeral Directors

Funeral Directors are often asked by families about potential autopsies and Dr. Schultz makes himself available to personally speak with your clients. We will coordinate transportation to our facility which has the equipment, lighting and necessary space to render a high-quality examination. In either case, we can typically turn around an exam within 24 hours and make sure all procedures flow with the funeral arrangements.


What one of our clients had to say:

Lawson funeral home

Left: Benjamin F. & Cecelia Lawson, Right: Benjamin E. & Stephanie Lawson

Benjamin E. Lawson Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer at Lawson Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Inc. St. Petersburg, FL

“Dr. Schultz and Final Diagnosis extends our ability to respond to a family’s needs quickly and competently. Dr. Schultz handles autopsies quickly, professionally, and with dignity and respect of the deceased and the family. He has a top-notch facility but most importantly he creates a great rapport with our families, addresses questions and takes amazing care of the deceased. As a funeral director, we know that families may indicate they want a direct cremation (no viewing) but plans can change and Dr. Schultz always returns the deceased ready for full viewing. Most recently, we had a family that was concerned with the Medical Examiner’s autopsy, report and the manner of death. Dr. Schultz’s second opinion truly gave the family peace of mind.”