Private Autopsy Florida:


Medical Examiners/Coroners

Dr. Schultz is a board-certified forensic, anatomic, and clinical pathologist.  He has worked in pathology for 31 years, forensic pathology for over 27 years, with well over 7000 autopsies performed personally and nearly thousands supervising and training residents and fellows in pathology.  He is well aware of conditions that require reporting to the medical examiner (or coroner if applicable) and will help guide you in deciding if an autopsy under specific circumstances will likely yield relevant information. Typically the goal in any autopsy is to establish a baseline and rule in or out various diagnostic considerations.  Dr. Schultz derives great personal satisfaction from listening to the story, and often, advising a family out of an autopsy.  Doing an autopsy or not doing it depends on the questions to answer and the experience of knowing how clinical data and history relate to the symptoms at present.  Basically, if  the data yielded from an autopsy won’t reasonably answer your questions, then we advise to not perform an autopsy.  The autopsy needs to add value to what is already known and not to just confirm diagnoses.   (Video published 2018)