Private Autopsy Florida:



When a loved one has died, family may not completely understand the medical circumstances surrounding the death. We can review records and/or perform a private autopsy that can provide the cause and manner of death and Dr. Schultz will help answer questions and communicate directly with the family.  One family wrote this about their interaction with Dr. Schultz:

“Our world came crashing down when my mother passed. Her death didn’t fall within the Medical Examiners preview, but I needed to confirm the cause of death for our family. No matter what the outcome, we knew this would give us peace of mind. I did some research and Dr. Schultz was recommended. He was very sympathetic to what we were going though. His report expanded upon what our doctor and nursing home indicated was the cause of death. He was extremely helpful and answered all of our questions with honesty and empathy. He gave us a great second opinion and better understanding for our family health history.”