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Second Autopsy

Second autopsies by Final Diagnosis, Inc. can provide reassurances on the validity of an initial autopsy report. That said, second autopsies offer unique challenges. They can occasionally uncover missed trauma, disease, or poisoning (see image). The second autopsy pathologist must also contend with the artifacts of the earlier dissection. Vital information that was evident to the original pathologist should be obtained if feasible. For example, the relationships between organs, reactions like bleeding, and the original appearances of these organs should be clarified. A pathologist that proceeds with a second autopsy in a vacuum is asking for trouble. Artifacts such as blood oozing from vessels can lead to the appearance of trauma when it may not have initially existed. Critical diagnostic tissues may be also be absent given the need by the original pathologist to either test or retain evidentiary specimens. The physical evidence which can be seen on the first autopsy is significantly diminished in the second autopsy. It is important that the private autopsy pathologist spends time discussing the value (or not) of proceeding with an autopsy at any juncture.

What was initially a natural death was in fact a poisoning: antifreeze ingestion leading to ethylene glycol poisoning, suggesting either suicide, homicide, or perhaps accident.

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Funeral Homes Wait for an Autopsy Here?

funeral homeYes!  Your funeral home staff can wait in comfort during an autopsy here at our facility.   We have a meeting room for family conferences and a comfortable waiting area with refreshments, TV, comfy lounge chairs plus – free WiFi.  If you are in the funeral home business and any of your families need an autopsy for their peace-of-mind, please watch the short video below, thank you.

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Autopsy Impacts Insurance Coverage

private autopsy discovers malpracticeWas it an accident or a natural death? It matters to insurance companies! The autopsy is an independent evaluation which documents the truth, through both direct observation, subsequent photography, microscopy and other testing as needed. It is critical to realize that Dr. Schultz can only speak to the facts; there are no “sides” taken no matter who retains Dr. Schultz. The value of the autopsy is in the potential to end speculation and uncertainty for those family members left behind. If you need the truth of how a death occurred – we can help find the answer. Give us a call, we’ll provide free consultation regarding your case. The short video below provides some answers. (Click to return to blogs)