Private Autopsy Florida:


Private Autopsy in Tampa, Florida

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Final Diagnosis, Inc. is one of the only free-standing private autopsy facilities in the United States.  A further unique feature is that it  is owned and operated exclusively by a board certified forensic, anatomic and clinical pathologist, Dr. Daniel L. Schultz, M.D.  Dr. Schultz is highly experienced having personally performed roughly 6000 autopsies in 28 years.   He personally does the private autopsy, or an equally trained forensic pathologist,  from start to finish.  Some autopsy services use lay technicians to do the exam or have little experience with trauma and/or legal issues.  The initial consultation is free, and doesn’t always lead to a private autopsy.   Knowing when to autopsy is half the battle.  Final Diagnosis, Inc. and Dr. Schultz are here first to listen.   Call 727-639-1897 or email us for an initial consultation.  That means Dr. Schultz does not automatically accept every death for a private autopsy.   If the question is simply “what happened?” or “what did not happen?”, we may be able to answer that without the private autopsy.

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