Private Autopsies:

Board certified FORENSIC PATHOLOGISTS in private Tampa, FL lab. Call the rest, then hire the BEST.


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Viral Respiratory Pathogens testing

Do you think your loved one died from COVID-19?

A variety of medical conditions have similar symptoms to Covid-19.  If they had respiratory symptoms but it wasn’t COVID-19, this test detects 21 other viral pathogens. Many individuals that die with COVID-19 have underlying medical conditions that may be felt to be the more likely cause of death, particularly if testing for the  SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been performed.  In Florida, all deaths that have a history of COVID-19 are referred to the Medical Examiner, but most likely will not be retested or autopsied. Final Diagnosis Inc. is providing molecular testing for COVID-19 on decedents.  It is our intention to not perform autopsies if in fact the COVID-19 test is positive.  In such instances we may be able to arrive at a probable cause of death in light of the known positive COVID-19 test.  If the test is negative, at the families discretion, we may then be able to proceed with a complete autopsy.

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