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COVID-19 or Not?

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At the time of death, unless the death was suspected due or contributed by COVID-19, typically the traditional testing will not happen.  Many families are left wondering.  For the sake of safety and ultimate data for which to counsel and decide whether or not to autopsy, we have embarked on testing before an autopsy, for a deposit of $1000, enabling a multiplexed molecular based nasopharyngeal swab test taken at the funeral home.  This gets applied toward the total cost of the autopsy. In addition, we review the background circumstances and counsel the family.  The test is a comprehensive molecular based (PCR) test for not only SAR-CoV-2 (the agent of COVID-19) but also a variety of other common respiratory pathogens. This is much different than other autopsy services which may offer less expensive/less comprehensive serologic tests which detect IgG and/or IgM antibodies: these may or may not reflect an active infection and if positive or negative, that question would still exist (are they infected now?).  This testing is not only helpful to the family but it is for the safety of our autopsy staff doctors, techs and photographers.  In the event the COVID-19 test is positive, counseling as to the likely meaning will occur, but the autopsy will not. In the event the COVID-19 testing is negative, if still interested, the family can consider the full autopsy to seek out the answers to the questions at hand and the $1000 is applied to those costs.

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